The pear as a symbol for fruit cultivation on the farm

Simply... be spoiled

The cuisine - cooking together or being served

The very finest culinary specialities, modern interpretations of traditional dishes, classics with a twist - the restaurant comes to your house.

Cooking together on a large stove is revived here. The extended family cooking together, friends spoiling each other with their secret recipes. As an alternative to cooking for yourself in Käth & Nanei, the restaurants are worth a visit. The Lammertal valley and the Tennengau region are strongholds of the finest cuisine. Near the Großschlaggut, insider tips include Didi Mateschitz's Wintergstellgut in Annaberg, the Schichlreit inn in Neubach, and K2 in St. Martin. If you fancy trying the award-winning cuisine by Andreas Döllerer in Golling, it's just a 30 minutes' drive from Annaberg.

But often people just don't want to leave Käth & Nanei, which is why we offer you a culinary indulgence range by Max Pfeiffenberger and his team at the Essgalerie.

Simply enjoy local produce and specialties.

 Order a cook

Simply... good food made to order

The menu section from the "Essgalerie"

You book your private cook and Max Pfeiffenberger turns up in the kitchen of Käth  Nanei as your exclusive chef. All your wishes (like food intolerances, vegetarian or vegan wishes) are going to be discussed and can come true! Max Pfeiffenberger brings a fully filled basket with delicious food 1,5 hour to 2 hours before serving. His surprise is a 4 course Lammertal Menu for you! He sets the table, cooks, serves and leaves the kitchen completly clean!
Price per person: EUR 75,00

 The farm kitchen for cooking together


Simply ...inviting

Seeing the kitchen leads on to cook together! Each hobby cook will be delighted – and enouth aprons are available for all those who want to help.

 The Rauchkuchl offers a fine selection of good wines


Simply... fine selected

Good food has to be served with great vine! We do have a finest selection of austrian vine- makers for you to acquire.

 The pear as a symbol for fruit cultivation on the farm

Simply... good food made to order

The menu section from the "Essgalerie"

Max Pfeiffenberger and his Essgalerie will deliver orders over €200.00 free of charge. Please order at the latest the evening before (or even when you make your booking with Käth
& Nanei). By e-mail: info(at)die-essgalerie(dot)at - By telephone: +43 664 21 29 601

You order your choice of up to two of the menus below (+ vegetarian). The "Essgalerie" team comes to the house on the agreed date. The pots, plates, bowls, and pans are arranged by course on the table you have got ready.

Price per menu €29.00

Max Pfeiffenberger bekocht die Gäste in Käth & Nanei



Max Pfeiffenberger mit seiner Essgalerie verwöhnt Sie mit herrlichen Köstlichekeiten aus seinen Kreationen.

Private Cooking oder Catering - sie haben die Wahl



Freuen Sie sich auf einen freien Abend für alle. Max Pfeiffenberger übernimmt für Sie das Kochen

 The pear as a symbol for fruit cultivation on the farm

Menu 1

Menu 2

Cream of horseradish and bread roll soup / black bread croutons
Fried corn-fed chicken / mashed potatoes / carrots
Semolina flummery / sour cherries / crunchy biscuits

Jellied alpine ox / paprika & seed oil vinaigrette / lamb's lettuce
Fried salmon trout / Riesling risotto / stewed tomatoes
"Mohr im Hemd" chocolate pudding / Classic

Menu 3

Menu 4

Clear Alpine ox soup / cheesy dumplings
Pot-roast beef with onions / mashed potatoes / green beans with bacon
The best strudel in Austria

Cream of golden beet soup / meatballs / bacon
Game ragout / bread dumplings / red cabbage
Warm poppy-seed cake / cranberry cream / mint

Menu 5

Vegetarian menu

Clear Alpine ox soup / Savoury sponge pieces
Classic roast pork / dumplings / sauerkraut
Baked slices of curd cheese / vanilla & apricot

Cream of celery soup / wan tan
Pumpkin risotto / seed oil / fresh goat's cheese
Tiramisu / Strawberries



Simply... pop over to the next valley


For a special restaurant visit dining in walls as old as those of Käth & Nanei, we recommend a trip to the Schusterhäusl steakhouse restaurant in Flachau.